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Soft & Sour Fabric Softener and PH Reducer, 1/5 Gal Pail

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Product Description

*Combination fabric softener and pH reducing sour
*Liquid, combination of softener and sours which results in clean, soft, fresh smelling
and non-irritating linens
*Saves time and money by softening and neutralizing linen in one step
*Economical formulation provides outstanding results
*Reduces operator costs by extending fabric life and preventing iron stains
*Pack size: 2.5 Gal., 5 Gal., 15 Gal. Color: Aqua
*Characteristics: Viscous liquid
*Odor: Floral
*Rinsability: Very good
*Foam: Low
*Flammability: NA
*pH in conc. form: 0.8 – 2.8
*Biodegradable: Yes
*Phosphorous content: 5.6%

Additional information

Weight45 lbs
Dimensions12.5 × 12.5 × 16 in

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