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Product Description

*This leather driver is constructed of an economy grain pigskin
*It is unlined and provides a shirred elastic back and straight thumb
*CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS grades leather according to the area on the hide from which it is cut
*The premium-grade leather comes from side or shoulder and from areas higher on the animal that receive the least amount of movement
*Select-grade leather is selected from the areas of the hide that don?t quite make the Premium grade, but are still a higher-quality leather
*The regular and economy cuts are selected from the middle and lower portions of the hide, making it thinner than other grades
*This glove is constructed of an economy grain pigskin. Pigskin offers the greatest breathability due to large pores in the hide
*It?s ideal for wet applications, given its tendency to remain soft after exposure to moisture
*This glove is unlined and provides a shirred elastic back and straight thumb, which is designed for close-fisted work, such as shoveling, prying, and sweeping
*Economy Grain Pigskin Driver
*Shirred Elastic Back
*Straight Thumb
*Sizes: S-XL

Additional information

Weight3.4 lbs
Dimensions10.5 × 5 × 6 in

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