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BETCO Fiberpro TLC, 1 Gal., 4/cs

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Product Description

*Formulated to quickly penetrate and lift out grease and grime
*This powerful blend of special surfactants and nonflammable solvent will quickly loosen and emulsify a variety of soils from both natural and synthetic fibers
*TLC can also be used as a booster for rotary and extraction methods as this product cuts through and suspends the toughest soils for fast removal
*Excellent for dry and wet spin bonnet applications as well
*Simplifies stain removal – detergent solvent blend removes most stains
*Labor saving – Fast solvent actions quickly emulsifies the worst “ground in” soil problems
*Economical – highly concentrated formula
*Color: Straw
*Detergency: Excellent
*Flash Point: None
*Foam: Low
*Fragrance: Pleasant
*pH (diluted): 13.0
*Rinsability: Very good
*Solubility in Water: Complete
*Specific gravity: 1.06
*Viscosity: 10 centipoise
*Warranty: 2 years

Additional information

Weight36 lbs
Dimensions12.5 × 12.5 × 12 in

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